Xolo Leap Special Offer

Xolo Leap Special Offer

Xolo Leap





If you want to join Estonian e-Residency and start an Estonian e-Business we highly recommend you use the Xolo services! We've been with them since the beginning and we couldn't be happier with their service! Thanks to this fantastic offer you can start your company for only €49/month!

Simply follow the link below and start your e-Residency company with Xolo Leap today!


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About Xolo Leap

Xolo makes it simple for anyone, anywhere to start and run a microbusiness.

What is Xolo Leap?

Xolo was founded in May 2015 out of the urge to revolutionize the way people become entrepreneurs and manage their companies.

We enable millions of freelancers, contractors and digital nomads around the world to start and run microbusinesses in a hassle-free way.

The simplest way to do business on Earth. Ever.

Just because your parents wasted time creating a Limited Company or GmbH doesn't mean you have to. Xolo frees you from the costs and confusion of running a traditional business so you can go faster and further​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

What you get
Free yourself at work

Xolo helps you manage your independent business from anywhere, with access to secure banking, accounting, and one of the simplest tax systems in the world.

Rapid Registration

Starting your business with Xolo won't take much time and you won't need a stack of paperwork. Our streamlined sign-up and business registration make things as easy as possible.

Automated Accounting

Spend less time on your company finances. Annual reports are written for you and our in-house AI keeps your accounting in order. Our accounting team are so good you'll even think they're magic.

Ready Anywhere

You get all you need to run your business remotely - from day one. Our all-in-one service gives you all the tools to do business and get paid, without the usual effort required.

Integrated Banking

Xolo brings accounting and banking into one dashboard that you can access anywhere.

Join an exclusive group and follow in the footsteps of thousands of satisfied independent professionals who use Xolo to save time, reduce stress, and get more done.

Tallin, Estonia-based Xolo (formerly known as LeapIN) has secured $6.8 million for its ‘virtual company service’ that allows pro freelancers from across the globe to launch and manage part of their business.

Originally founded in 2015 in the wake of Estonia’s launch of the much-publicised e-Residency program, Xolo’s Series A round of funding came from Karma Ventures, Vendep Capital and Leap Ventures.

Essentially, Xolo aims to make it easier for people to establish and run micro-businesses, offering an online platform that helps them with online company formation, access to banking, invoicing and accounting services, and to reduce the complexity and cost of engaging with national governments and administration service providers.

Allan Martinson, Xolo’s CEO, said: “We are focusing on 40 million professionals globally who have chosen to run their business independently. Estimated one million new freelancers start their professional journeys each year. Our ultimate goal is an absolutely seamless service that brings time spent on administrating a freelance business to zero.”

The company says it is able to cut the time needed to launch a freelance business from weeks to minutes. As LeapIN, the startup says it already managed to attract thousands of customers using its subscription-based software, most of them software developers, management consultants and designers in places like Germany, Spain, France, the UK, Ukraine and Turkey.


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