#1 Creative Agency in Lisbon

#1 Creative Agency in Lisbon

Creative Agency in Lisbon

Looking for a Creative Agency in Lisbon? Do you need any kind of branding, marketing, film or video services in Lisbon? Shooting a movie or a commercial? Organizing an Event? Look no further!

Most of our projects take place in our hometown of Lisbon!

Creative Agency PortugalLisbon has all the ingredients to be Europe’s next piping-hot art destination: young galleries are opening there, international dealers are setting up outposts, and dozens of artists are flocking there for its affordable housing and studio rents.


Spend a colourful 24 hours in Lisbon by bouncing from one artistic corner of the city to another. Lisbon has gained a reputation as one of Europe’s creative capitals and the city seems to be offering more unique venues and events in response.been the political, economic and cultural center of Portugal.

Lisbon offers an enthralling selection of museums, art galleries and cultural exhibitions. The varied selection of museums range from classical art collections through to niche and contemporary galleries, along with informative museums.
If you are looking for the best branding, film and video services creative agency in Lisbon, you found it!

Skookum Films is a creative video agency founded by a group of artists from Denmark, Portugal and the United States.

Our films have been shown in more than 200 festivals from all over the world, our videos have been seen by well over 5 million viewers online and projects for brands such as Google, William Hill or Pandora have granted us five-star ratings on Facebook, Yelp and Google Reviews. Thanks to our customers, we can now say we are the number one production company in Lisbon on every online platform.

Customer service and convenience are essential to providing a comfortable experience for our clients, that's why our operations are structured to ensure a consistent team that is accessible, communicative and ready to support and facilitate your every need.

Content is the future of marketing, and we feel it’s our responsibility to help our clients excel by creating amazing video assets and helping them market and advertise it in the right way. It’s not enough to “follow the trends”, you have to be the trend.

At Skookum Films, we help you be the best by being your partner for all things video & more, therefore, we will provide you a comprehensive package of production services to bring your project from concept to completion.

Join us now and allow us to bring your project to life!


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