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We will get the best voice over actors for your project. Send us a sample of what you'd like and we'll take care of everything from then on! Most importantly, we are proud to provide the best voice over services in Portugal to the best clients in world!


We work with Portuguese voice actors from all the Portuguese speaking countries like Portugal, Brazil or Angola. Most importantly, we work with the best professionals in order to provide you an outstanding product. We also have a database of International voice actors from countries like the United States, France or Germany.

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Cartoon Dubbing

Portuguese cartoon and animation voice acting

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Voice over for commercials, ads and promos

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Portuguese film, documentary and audiobook narration


Skookum Films is a creative video agency founded by filmmakers from Denmark, Portugal and the United States.

The filmmakers originally met at The European Film College, in Denmark, where they developed their skills in filmmaking and their views on the world, interacting and working with other young artists from across the globe.

Our films have been shown in around 200 festivals from all over the world, therefore our videos have been seen by more than 5 million viewers online and projects for big brands such as Google, William Hill or Pandora have granted us five-star ratings on Facebook, Yelp and Google Reviews!

Join us now and allow us to provide you the best voice over services in Portugal.

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