Tribal Baroque in Blackpool

Tribal Baroque in Blackpool

tribal baoruqe music video

Our music video Tribal Baroque - Gipsy Dance has been selected for The Other Worlds - Music Film Festival and will be shown on Sunday, May 16th at Bootleg Social in Blackpool Town Centre, United Kingdom.

Other Worlds Festival is back once again with a feast for your senses. Last year was an audio-visual banquet, combining local talent with artists from further-flung places. It was a gratifying success to see creatives come together and inspire and induce such a varied group of fans to participate. Whether it be making sounds at the fantastic Grundy Art Gallery installations, or flailing in a wild frenzy in the throes of dance, driven by the ululations of throbbing, sobbing notes, and some downright nasty beats.
“Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose” – the more things change, the more they stay the same. Or so said Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, which is weirdly apposite as he was Puccini’s inspiration once upon a time.

But it won’t be the same this year. We have fresh blood and new sounds for you to wrap those ears around. It will be different, and yet we hope for the same Terpsichorean fervour, the same joy, and the same creative wonderland that our little seaside town became last year, for a heady, chaotic, frankly bloody fantastic weekend.
We’ll be kicking off our sonic shindig with a whole evening curated by Tse Tse Fly, all the way from Dubai, treating us to an evening of tunes from Arabic artists. We’re starting strong and the fun goes on….

Don’t forget our fantastic locals offer, just under £27 for a whole weekend of art, visual and audio.
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