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TransferWise: Promo Code

TransferWise: Promo Code

07/11/2018 Promo Codes 0
transferwise promo referral discount code

We've been using TransferWise and definitely recommend it as the best PayPal alternative!

If you want to get a special promo discount voucher code just press the button below and you'll be able to make your first transfer for free!

Bye bye bank fees, hello world.

The real exchange rate

Banks set their own exchange rate to make money off you. TransferWise gives you the real exchange rate, also known as the mid-market rate. The exchange rate is guaranteed as long as TransferWise receives your money within 48 hours.

You always know where your money is

You’ll be updated via email at each stage of the transfer. You can also track your transfer with our award winning mobile apps and website wherever you are.

Trusted all over the World

No skyscrapers, no suits. Just like-minded people everywhere, connected by TransferWise.




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