Terra 2084 in São Paulo

Terra 2084 in São Paulo

Terra 2084 2

Our film Earth 2084 has been selected for the 7th Cinefantasy IFFF and will be screened between the 6th and 11th of May in São Paulo, Brazil at Museu da Imagem e do Som - MIS SP.


We´ve created the CINEFANTASY - INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL FANTASTIC FILM. Encouraging, debating, and divulging fantastic cinema and their universe. We present in these eight editions 805 films, 49 training activities, 2,207 films and an audience of more than 13 thousand people.

The 9th CINEFANTASY will happen at São Paulo, May 3rd to 8th, with a program divided into exhibitions, parallel shows, training activities and will be held at the MIS SP – São Paulo Image and Sound Museum, vanguard place and stage of the major festivals and events in the country such as the exhibition Coffin Joe, Alfred Hitchcock, David Bowie and Tim Burton

The “Corpo Seco Dourado´s” trophy said goodbye in 2018, but in march at 2019 we have a trophy to celebrate the anniversary of the honoree. This award is a tribute to the great personality of the Fantastic Cinema in Brazil.

In this issue we received the encouragement of the Culture and Economy Council of São Paulo, through the public announcement PROAC –SP.

​​​​We hope you toast and celebrate the magic of this wonderful and fantastic universe with us!


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