Terra 2084 in Goa, India

Terra 2084 in Goa, India

Terra 2084 2

Our film Terra 2084 has been selected for the 2017 The Story OfSpace Festival and will be screened in Goa, India between the 10th and 19th of May.

THE STORY OF SPACE is a free, public festival to explore ‘Space’ and its connections to science, philosophy, art, and culture. The festival will bring researchers of science & philosophy, artists & designers, writers & poets, coders, filmmakers, cultural practitioners, and educators on common ground to create spontaneous and cultivated learning experiences on the topic of ‘Space’ from various disciplines and perspectives.

We are looking for films, short and long features, that explore the interdependence between subjects and approaches. We want to shed new light on how people see the world and some of the topics societies are discussing today. Some of these topics can include gender, astronomy, neurology, or sustainability. We want films that take these subjects out of the boxes they are usually in; films that put these topics in orbit, giving the spectator the opportunity to look at them from a different perspective.


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