Terra 2084 screening in Stoke, UK

Terra 2084 screening in Stoke, UK

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Our Film Terra 2084 has been selected for the Catalyst Film Festival and will be screened in Stoke-on-Trent, England, UK! Congratulations to all the cast and crew!

Catalyst Film Festival focuses on engaging with diverse audiences to start the conversations that can create positive social change. If you aim to present narratives of social justice to an audience independent from the film industry, this is your opportunity. The Movie Mavericks deliver Catalyst Film Festival in addition to running a year round community cinema programme. The organisation works with various communities, using non-conventional disused spaces as pop up cinema venues, such as a courtroom, real ale bar, and a Ukrainian Ski resort.

It is free to apply and all genres are welcome. We are looking for short films (45 minutes or less) with a social agenda. In the divisive period of Brexit, the curation will draw attention to universal human experiences of love, compassion, and social acceptance.

There are two submission themes:

1. 'Behind Closed Doors'
What changes should and could happen in our domestic environments?

2. 'Open Space, Open World'

Stories of social change in public spaces at a local, national, or global level.

Two awards will be selected by the audiences. The winner from each category will be announced at the closing ceremony and notified online, along with a small cash prize.

Behind Closed Doors: The Great Oatcake Award

Open Space: The Potbank Award

The selected films will be played across two city centre venues in Stoke-on-Trent. Some of the films selected will be accompanied by talks related to social welfare, creativity, and activism. In addition, during the film festival there will be creative workshops and live music.

If your film has not been selected this time, but you are still interested in connecting with various audiences, please inform us in the application form, so your work can be presented in future screenings.

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