Red Phoenix Underground Film Festival

Red Phoenix Underground Film Festival

Terra 2084 2

Our film Terra 2084 has been selected for the Red Phoenix Underground Film Festival and will be screened between the 28th and 29th of June in Sharon, Pennsylvania, United States

This is an international film festival. All genres welcomed including animation and narrative music videos. This festival was created by filmmakers who have a passion for films. The Red Phoenix International Film Festival is a celebration of art and entertainment and our goal is to showcase your talents and product in a fun energetic festival. Our award ceremony and after party will be a great place for everyone to unwind and network! We're excited to see all the stories you have to tell!

Along with showing short (30 minutes or less) and feature films (2.5 hours max) that are set as narratives and documentaries, we also strongly encourage all facets of filmmaking; bringing our audience a wide platform of entertainment from animated films, music videos, experimental and so much more. The only limit to what we will show is set only by the imagination of talented filmmakers!

Another way RPIFF sets itself apart is by giving all filmmakers, from all over the world, the ability to interact and hold a Q&A presentation with our audience members, even if they are unable to attend, by connecting with them through SKYPE during the festival itself. We, as filmmakers understand the value of connecting with the audience, and we know how difficult it is to travel to so many festivals. We are very excited to offer this alternative avenue of communication.

RPIFF is passionate about giving our audience a fully immersed festival that does not end with the credits. We offer the opportunity of speaking with professionals by inviting industry members to hold workshops, speak with our guests and plan events, (which include live music), giving our guests a truly unique, exciting and memorable experience.

While we aim to make our festival unique and exciting for our guests, we also want to make it exciting for the filmmakers by having representatives from international distribution companies in attendance who are seeking out truly impressive works of art and looking to meet with filmmakers; along with other exciting potential opportunities for filmmakers, actors/actresses and musicians.


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