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Location Scouting


Looking for location scouting in Portugal? Allow us to help! Scroll down and see some of the outstanding locations waiting for your project!

If requested by our clients, the location scouting services may include all the pre-production process of location and property paperwork related to licensing, documentation and negotiation required for filming.


Location scouting is the process of looking for locations in which to film your video production. It requires a lot of traveling, observing and talking to people.

Requirements of a Location

There are three objectives that a location needs to meet during a scout in order for it to be considered by production: It must look right for the story. The owners of that location must allow permission for filming there to occur. And, the location must be logistically feasible for the needs of a production.

For example, it should have room for not only the scene to occur, but also for equipment to be staged. There should be room for people not involved with shooting to hang out so they won't be disruptive. There must be bathrooms, electricity and parking. The area should be quiet for the purposes of recording sound. A place can look perfect for the shoot, but if it's right next to train tracks it won't work because your sound takes will be ruined.

When doing location scouting, you should have a digital camera and a notebook so that you can take photos and detailed notes of the prospective location. Give these to the producer and director so that they can decide which place is best for the shoot.



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