Films Screening in Finland

Films Screening in Finland

Kalajoki Film Fest 1

Our films The Headless Nun and Terra 2084 have been selected for the Kalajoki Film Fest and will be screened from May 29th to May 31st in Kalajoki, Finland

About The Event

Kalajoki Film Fest sets in the coastal town Kalajoki, Finland. The Festival was born in 2019, being the first edition only dedicated to Portuguese movies (short and featured). We aim to continue throughout the years being prepared to vary nationalities. If you are not Portuguese pay attention to the next edition!

Kalajoki means Fish-River; the reason of the logo of the Festival is not random, is not for being related with movies about Fish, but because of the relation with town's name.

What makes the difference about this movie theater is not how it is, but where it's located! The main auditorium, Virta-Sali, is located in the building Kauppakeskus Merta, which has also a Library! Yes, you get it, you need to cross the library to see the movies!

The closing ceremony of the Festival will be outside in prepared place for screenings and presentations around hotels and restaurant area.

The City of Kalajoki

Kalajoki means Fish-River. It is an attractive tourist town in the Northern Coast of Finland.

It's located 130km from Oulu, 70km from Kokkola, 40km from Ylivieska, 550km from Helsinki.

According where you came from, there are different options to get to Kalajoki such as by bus: Onnibus and Matkahuolto; taxi or Train to nearby towns and then by bus. For more detailed info click here to see how to get to Kalajoki.


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