Screening in Australia

Screening in Australia

film festival in australia

Our film Bílis Negra has been selected for the Dereel Independent Film Festival and will be screened in Dereel, Victoria, Australia!

Established in 2007, the Dereel Independent Film Festival has showcased films from over 60 countries and 6 continents. It is a film festival for independent film makers, organised by independent film makers.

As independent filmmakers we understand that while no film is perfect, just finishing a film is a huge achievement. With this in mind we're going to make sure we hand out as many awards as we can. While we won't give you an award you don't deserve, every film selected for screening will receive an official selection laurel and there are also another 29 best film laurels up for grabs. You're not going to get awards that we feel your film doesn't deserve, but we will endeavour to help as many filmmakers as possible get something that helps lend a little cred to their film. Winners of major categories will share in over $1,000 of prizes.

The films winning the major categories will be screened in Melbourne, Australia. We're also working with an independent film streaming company to provide a free online stream of the films selected on the same weekend as the festival is held for those who can't make the trip to Australia. This online screening will be opt in so your film won't be streamed online unless you want it to be.

DeREEL IFF prefers digital submissions in a high-quality MOV file. You can transfer files easily via Vimeo, Google Drive or WeTransfer Our file upload address is


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