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Our Story

Skookum Films was founded in December 2011 when filmmakers Kris Skovmand (Denmark), Nuno Sá Pessoa (Portugal) and Samuel Anderson (USA) met in Lisbon and started working on their new projects.

The three filmmakers originally met at The European Film College in Denmark, where they developed their skills in filmmaking and their views on the world, interacting and working with young artists from all five continents.

It was this philosophy that they brought into Skookum Films, producing award-winning short films, music videos, commercials, experimental films, animations, corporate videos and television shows.

Skookum Films has continued to grow, our films have been shown in over 170 film festivals from around the world and new partnerships with clients and colleagues from different cultural backgrounds happen every day.

Keeping our philosophy that in both art and the world there should be no boundaries, we offer all kinds of services in different fields like movies, films, television, corporate videos, audio production and photography.

We also provide all kinds of equipment, studios and specific services like casting services, location scouting, live streaming, broadcasting, dubbing or subtitling.

What does Skookum mean?

Skookum is a Chinook Jargon word that has historical use in the Pacific Northwest. It has a range of meanings, commonly associated with an English translation of "strong" or "monstrous." The word can mean "strong," "greatest," "powerful," "ultimate," or "brave." Something can be skookum, meaning "strong" or "monstrously significant." When used in reference to another person, e.g. "he's skookum," it conveys connotations of reliability or a monstrous nature, as well as strength, size or hard-working.

Skookum house means "the big house," meaning "strong house." Skookum tumtum, lit. "strong heart," is generally translated as "brave" or possibly "good-hearted." In the Chinook language, skookum is a verb auxiliary, used similar to "can" or "to be able." Another compound, though fallen out of use in modern British Columbia English, is skookum lacasset or strongbox.

skookum is a variety of mountain giant or monster similar to the Sasquatch or Bigfoot. In the surviving Chinuk-Wawa spoken in Grand Ronde, Oregon, this variant is pronounced differently—skoo-KOOM—but when used in English with this meaning, it is pronounced the same way as the "big and strong" meaning. Skookums were spirits of which crows, eagles, owls, blue jays, various beasts and reptiles could be representations.

Meet our Crew

Samuel Anderson

Samuel Anderson

Animator and SFX Editor

Kris Skovmand

Kris Skovmand

Screenwriter and Musician

Nuno Sá Pessoa

Nuno Sá Pessoa

Film Director and Video Editor

Sara Moura

Sara Moura

Actress and Producer

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